Friday, November 12, 2010

Trip to Coe Park

  Today I leave my appartment in an attempt to get a story to blog about. As I leave the building I am happy that I'm out, I actually haven't left in days.
  Before I left I decided that I willbe going to the town green,even though it's only a block away I wonder if it's enough for a blog.
  While I contemplate what I will do thier I decided to take a photo of the apartment building.

  As I take the picture I realize the how cold it is. My mother told me yesterday it would be about 60 degrees ferinheight. I now wish I brought my coat.
  When I finally reach the green I am amazed how well it has been kept up, with the grass still a very fresh green you forget that it's Autumn till you look at the trees.

  I am now thinking, " hmm is this enough, the readers may be satisfied," Or perhaps you want more, perhaps you want a back story of the park.

  It seems the town fountain is not on now, they must of turned it off for the winter season that's fast approaching.

  On the stone in front of the fountain you can see that it is dedicated to those who served honorably served thier country in Vietnam, And especially those who dies there.

  Now I sit and wonder on the bench, "their is still more here, should I continue on or wait as this seems to be getting long".

Another time I will return with more stories for you.

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