Friday, March 25, 2011

Garden planter ordiment in the cold season

I finally gotten around to updating my deviant art account with some new photos and seeing as this blog has one follower I think it's about time I updated. So yeah sorry for the long delay but I've been busy with another one of my blogs, this stuff isn't very easy.

Anyways here I took a picture of this object using some information I had received from other like not to actually center the focus of the photo that way people who want to use it for commercial uses can add text or whatever they can.

Also using some knowledge I've gained from my other blog I've figured out how to do some SEO marketing so I'm using what I've learned to get this imaged view  and then send the viewers to my deviant art account if they would like to purchase a print of this image.

So yeah I'm back and doing alittle photography and if your interested in the image then check it out in better quality on my deviant art account here.