Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Small drawing rant

  My drawing suck, well not entirely.I just don't work on it enough and I kinda like to draw but I can't draw for long. I wonder if my ADHD is a problem with this. If I take my time I could make a decent work but I can't do many angles. I got Manga drawing books but I think I need something else.

 I need a lesson guide not how to draw I got enough of how to draw I just don't draw enough for them to be of any use. Earlier this year I was "Oh I wanna make manga" , "Oh I wanna make a Anime" Now it's been like 7-8 months and it's not getting anywhere close. I need to apply myself but I don't know how.

 I know your probably not interesting in hearing me bitch about a stupid problem that you guys could probably easily fix but for me it's hard.

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