Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Next Location For the Next Battle Club Sprite Comic Has Been Made

I have just started to work on the next Battle Club Sprite Comic for my other blog and the battle will take place at the above image.

Unlike the other Sprite Web Comics I've made so far I decided to do something a little different. Usually I would move the background around during the battle, but this time I'm gonna use the whole area to let the characters have more freedom. I will then go back to those images to cut out what I need to make the comic.

As for the battle it will not be a special like last times tag battle but a regular one on one. As for who will be battling this time I have decided on.

   Sonic The Werehog Vs. Chaos 0

Sprite Credits go to...
Sonic the Werehog ripped by Deebs
Chaos 0 ripped by Ryu
Sprites owned by Sega

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