Friday, December 3, 2010

Yellow Geodude

Since I recently caught a yellow Geodude I decided to draw a picture of it. The pokemon recently evolved into a yellow Graveler.

First the drawing.

Then the edited further version.

I caught the Pokemon on my Pokemon Platinum version and have trained it ever since I caught it a few days ago. When I first saw it I couldn't belive I came across an alternate colored Pokemon and was worried I wouldn't catch it since I only had a net ball and a heal ball (Special pokeballs). After I brought It's health down into the red I threw the net ball which was meant for pokemon you either fish or bug pokemon. I was astonished that it actually caught the pokemon.

  And so I now have a Yellow Geodude that has evolved into Graveler. Now I would like to evolve it but that requires a trade, so I probly won't get that anytime soon.

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